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I'm born in Bulgaria, in a most beautiful of moutnains near the Greek border, in the family of a medical doctor and an engineer, and dear traditions of caring for each other and our community. The magic of these mountains and my background are always with me - a source of harmony, belonging and peace. Arrived in Finland  invited to work on sientific projects just after graduating from the Medical University in Sofia. It's 20 years since then. Finland became my second home - in more ways than one.  

I'm very lucky to have found a professional path, which inspires a continuous learning,  broadness of views,  knowledge of self and a curiosity of the will to understand and be of help. Being able to work and benefit from the presence of my dog, and often in nature, is nothing less than a dream come true. I feel privileged to be able to walk along human paths, being there for personal discoveries, healing, finding a purpose, accepting past and current circumstances, and so much more. I believe that each of us has a mission on this planet - for a long while now I've felt I've found mine. 

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