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It’s been a long while since my last post. Daily writings never stopped, that has become a way of life for me, having the moments of reflecting, soothing, pondering and decision making through words from me to me. But making it into a shared thought needs more time, which I’ve been short of. That and the constant pondering – in which language?! How difficult can that decision be? Very difficult, that’s how. Even though the strange guilty feeling of not being fair to all if not writing in all the languages I belong through origin, living and shared experiences with many wonderful people to, writing in English seems still the most logical of all to continue. And with the lower rim to overtake and start/come back to every time when 24h in a day are way too short.

The reasons for my busyness have been clear - to me, and to the world around me. Luckily, there is some space to breath in the very forceable future. My health coach education is going to its end, graduating in early autumn – yay! It’s been a journey that one. And what appears to be just the start of it. There was much inspiration, which resulted in more digging and research on things, I felt I need to gather more knowledge. This process felt like building anew, while trying to preserve something already solid and valuable, that’s been there for many years now, and has been of irreplaceable service to me and the people trusting in this building of knowledge and experience – traditional medicine. A very tricky building process, but nevertheless inspiring in its one-of-a-kindness.

Inspiration is very often accompanied by the feeling of sweet in the beginning and frustrating by the middle taste of overload. Not surprisingly, during my last working weeks, among the most discussed topics in sessions presented to be re-centring. Coming back to one(my)self. Reaching for tools to bring back balance and harmony. Our bodies and minds have been getting ready for the light and warmth, the activity of a different kind than the one during the cold months. And so we realize our power sources need maintenance, some parts need replacement, some – a bit more love than usual. It’s counterintuitive, isn’t it, that many of us feel overwhelmed, out of balance, emotionally and bodily tired. So we’ve been researching that together with many of my clients, and separately, each of us from their own perspective, mine a combo of professional and personal. It appears there is a logic, biological reasons for the spring and early summer out-of-sorts vibes, but that will be explored in another post. I feel to this one belongs a tool to help ourselves when feeling “illogically” blue/emotionally and physically tired. So here it is:

Find your calm and safe space, wherever you are – in your home, in your garden, in the woods, next to a river, at the sea. Have a paper and a pen with you. If you are used to write notes in your phone, that can serve well too. As always, when getting ready to meet yourself – close your eyes or just rest your sight at a calming and unchatty picture (sometimes resting your gaze onto your hands, resting on your lap or legs is what you need). Take a few deep breaths and send the clean, breathed in air to all those places of tightness, tiredness, restlessness in your body and mind. Breath those feelings out. And repeat. The amount of time you focus on that is up to you and your body and mind. When you feel ready, you could try to invite your thoughts to search for a memory of calm and harmony – when did you last feel that way? What was the time in your life, when that happened? Where were you? Were you alone or with someone? Was there something particular that happened or didn’t happen back then? Try to remember as much details as it is possible for you at this moment. Try to transfer yourself for a moment there.

Step 1. try to find what were the things, rituals, habits, routines during that time. When you arrive at this point of your trip to the past, take a deep breath or two, open your eyes and use your writing skills – on the paper, on the phone, on your computer. Put down all those things you used to do. Make a list with them.

Step 2. look at the list and try follow your thoughts – perhaps to mind come other ideas, which could have brought balance – then, or at other times. Or perhaps there are new things, which you haven’t tried, but thought it might be of use to. Write those down too.

Step 3. decide which of those you’ll incorporate into your routine. Starting now. Write those down too.

Self-care is a continues and intuitive process of important work, which we deserve to prioritise. But life happens. An overestimate of our capabilities, time schedules, expectations, demands – that happens more often than not. The important thing is to stay assured, that there is always a way back to balance. And it’s in each and everyone of us. The routes to it are occasionally hidden, but they rarely vanish. Lets look for them, sometimes together is easier than alone.

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